The "Awakening" Video
Released January 14, 2014
Created by Isaac
Channel Solly0823
Guest star Solomon
東山熱音第3屆成發 - Creep
Coming soon
So yeah, I'm back

Awakening is a video uploaded on January 14, 2014


Isaac come back from hacking.


Isaac was sleeping 1 hours ago. then, he wake up. The Black Man sees Isaac wake up. Isaac was got shocked by Black Man. Black Man telling about his Google+. Isaac says Google+ may hacked by someone and he have to go trought his online. He's right, There was a war. Black man telling about a war, Isaac will be a commander of it he have to stop the aliens. He meet a girl. But, she did'nt like him. She got killed by btha aliens with a laser gun. Isaac still thinking a High School. Black man saying Isaac sleeping 1 hour. Isaac saying, he just not died but he just taking a nap for making a video called Awakening. About the quote: "OOOOOOO, he's been asleep for so long and now he's finally awaken to make more videos" and He says "No no, I just took a nap". He always making... stupid video. Isaac thinking black man was starring at him. Black man gonna do something and he silly and he leaving Isaac's house. ..................... Isaac was back. Isaac talking about you, Google+ got hacked so bye bye.



  • Isaac is finally awaken

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